Items are very important in Sector Six. There are 3 main types of items:

  • Spaceship parts.
  • Alloy containers.
  • Crafting items.

Spaceship parts Edit

Spaceship parts are used to build the spaceship. Parts are randomly generated. Parts come in 7 different grades. Higher grade parts have more properties.

  1. Generic (White)
  2. Optimized (Yellow)
  3. Advanced (Cyan)
  4. Fractal (Blue)
  5. Mythical (Purple)
  6. Etalon (Red)
  7. Relic (Orange)

For more information about part properties, go to spaceship building guide.

You can obtain parts by getting them from mission rewards, purchasing them from vendors in secured regions, or picking them up when they are dropped after you destroy enemy or ruin.

Most spaceship parts can be upgraded with amplifiers.

Parts can have these properties:

  • +X weapon damage
  • Generates X ether on kill
  • +X% weapon damage
  • +X% maximum ether
  • +X% maximum armor
  • X initial ether
  • +X% experience
  • Increases maximum ether by X
  • Increases maximum armor by X
  • Generates X armor on kill
  • Reduces taken damage by X%
  • +X% deflect chance
  • +X% chance to upgrade part
  • +X% chance to cause stunning wave
  • +X% chance to cause damaging wave
  • +X% chance to cause shredding wave
  • +X levels to Y ability
  • +X% phase damage
  • Increases phase charge speed by X
  • +X% maximum armor for every 10 physical parts installed
  • +X% maximum ether for every 10 physical parts installed
  • +X% weapon damage for every 10 physical parts installed

Alloy containers Edit

Alloy containers hold alloy that is used to repair spaceship in battle.

Crafting items Edit

Crafting items are received as a difficulty reward. They are used to change item properties.